Feed Formulation

The aquafeed industry continues to evolve with new ingredients, advancing processes and growing expectations. Feed manufactures must continually adapt to provide feed products that perform well under wide-ranging conditions.

iAqua assists feed manufacturers in evaluating the nutritional content and performance of existing diets and can help develop new feeds for specialized applications. By taking a broad, production-oriented approach that considers cost as well as digestibility, palatability and composition, iAqua delivers value for its clients. Testing facilities validate performance before large-scale manufacture begins.


iAqua maintains a nutrition program that which consists of the following components:

  • Microcosm tanks for L. vannamei in Hawaii and for P. monodon in Brunei. These allow continuous, replicated trials on feed ingredients, and new product development.
  • Proprietary least- cost formulation based on digestible nutrients.
  • A dedicated program for continuous review of published literature, which is extracted into a searchable in-house nutrition database.
  • Laboratory analysis of ingredients and final products.

The iAqua nutrition program has developed a unique fishmeal- replacement concentrate that contains a mix of animal protein ingredients, encapsulated amino acids, attractants, and an EMS inhibitor. This mix can replace 100% of the fishmeal in shrimp diets at a reduced cost.

Produce More with Less