Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii, USA, sets the gold standard for SPF shrimp breeding worldwide. The original SPF white shrimp stocks originated here, and Hawaiian broodstock are accepted by every shrimp- producing country around the world.  

iAqua’s shrimp operation, the only farm facility on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, is over 200 km from the nearest shrimp farm, operation on the island of Oahu. Few breeding companies can boast this level of isolation.

The Kauai facilities offer unparalleled water quality -- virtually no treatment is needed. From deep wells comes seawater that has been naturally filtered through hundreds of meters of porous lava rock.  The water has constant temperature and salinity year, and is devoid of particulates, organic matter and disease organisms.


  • Administrative Office

    • A modest office in Waimea serves as iAqua’s the administrative and operational headquarters.
  • Breeding, Multiplication Hatchery Complex

    • iAqua’s L. vannamei breeding program, operated under the Kona Bay Marine Resources brand, produces genetically -selected SPF broodstock for export to clients located primarily in Asia. The Breeding and Multiplication Hatchery Complex is located on 7 acres of ocean-front land leased from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. An additional 15 acres of adjoining and is available for expansion.

      The complex consists of indoor maturation, spawning, and larval rearing tanks that produce postlarvae for family-based breeding or commercial growout. Elite broodstock are grown in biosecure, greenhouse-covered tanks, where families are identified by injected elastomer tags of various colors. Broodstock for commercial sale are grown in covered, plastic-lined raceways, then transferred to lined ponds with central drains, aeration, and bird netting. Ancillary facilities include an algae room, and office.

      A unique advantage of the Kauai breeding facilities is the linkage with their neighboring farm, which allows testing of various genetic lines under commercial pond conditions.

  • Secondary Quarantine Facility

    • A greenhouse facility located in a remote fenced area is used to receive new stocks of L. vannamei that have passed primary quarantine, but still require additional diagnostic testing before they can be introduced into the core breeding population. This facility enables routine introduction of new genetic lines into the breeding program.

    •  Lima Loa Farm

      • iAqua’s Lima Loa Farm located about 3 km northwest of Kekaha developed on a 60 ha site near the beach. This property is leased from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. An additional 160 ha of prime agricultural land is available for expansion adjacent to the existing farm.

        Originally developed to commercialize the advanced farming technologies of the Oceanic Institute and the U.S. Marine Shrimp Farming Consortium, Lima Loa is the largest aquaculture facility in Hawaii. It has capacity to produce 400 mt of premium whole shrimp per year, and the uniquely pristine water quality allows processing of sashimi-grade whole, frozen Kauai Shrimp for the Japanese market. Lima Loa also raises clams and oysters – which filter excess algae and detritus from shrimp ponds – for sale in local markets.

        Each of the 50 self-cleaning, plastic-lined growout ponds capture organic solids that can be recirculated back to the surface to create bioflocs and reduce the need for water exchange. Effluent discharges under the farm’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit are minimal, and ongoing monitoring has shown no adverse impacts to water quality, benthic biological habitats or communities during the periods when discharges occurred.

        A specialized building at the (farm name) is dedicated to L. vannamei nutrition research. It contains 42 tanks for feeding trials to evaluate commercial feeds, ingredients and nutrients in replicated trials. Other farm buildings include an office, equipment and feed storage, and a fresh shrimp packing facility.

  • Processing Plant

    • iAqua’s small processing plant is located in the town of Hanapepe about 20 minutes from the farm. The plant consists of a receiving tank, inspection belt, roller grader, blast freezer, packing area and cold store.

  • Hydroelectric Power

    • The primary electric power supply for the secondary quarantine facility, breeding, multiplication, and hatchery complex, and farm is the ADC hydroelectric plant which generates power from the continuous runoff of rainwater from Kauai’s central mountain. This not only provides a low cost energy source, but also a low carbon footprint. Backup power is provided by the public utility.

Processing plant
3630 Hanapepe Rd 96716

7550 Kaumualii Highway 96752

Lima Loa Farm
6526 Kaumualii Highway 96752

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