White Shrimp Operation in Ecuador

During one of Morrison’s trips to South America during the 1970’s, he observed the early development of shrimp farming in Ecuador. He decided to invest in a processing and farming company, and eventually expanded the operation to 2,000 ha of ponds. Using his broad experience in agriculture, he pioneered many early innovations in shrimp farming.  

Morrison recognized the need to control the life cycle of shrimp, so he contracted France Aquaculture to build the first technological hatchery in Ecuador. He also built the first dedicated shrimp feed mill. To effectively distribute the feed to his 20-ha ponds, he used crop duster planes. To maximize the value of his products, Morrison processed them with cooking and brine freezing, and sold them in head-on form.

During the mid-1990’s, George Chamberlain collaborated with Morrison through his role as director of aquaculture for Ralston Purina International. Chamberlain warned Morrison of potential problems related to the white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) moving through Asia, and Morrison sold his integrated shrimp operation in 1998.

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