Bill Dunwell

Bill Dunwell

Kauai Breeding Manager

Bill Dunwell-  Received bachelor degree from Missouri State University School of Business in 1985.

Employed in shrimp hatcheries and grow out facilities since the 1980’s. Started career in aquaculture at the GMSB hatchery facility in Summerland Key Florida. Lead technician at hatchery with production exceeding 1 billion post larvae per year that were shipped to our parent farms in Honduras. Became production manager for Shrimp Culture Technologies (a subsidiary of GMSB) in Ft. Pierce FL, overseeing daily operation of a specific pathogen free selective breeding program for Pacific white shrimp (litopenaus vannamei).

Joined Sunrise Capital in September, 2012 to become the manager of the company’s breeding center located in Kauai. Responsibilities include overseeing their brood stock, breeding and genetic improvement programs.

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