Chris Howell

Chris Howell

Co-Owner, Director of Special Projects

Chris Howell is a skilled shrimp hatchery and breeding manager with extensive experience in the Americas and Asia. He  manages iAqua’s breeding program for P. monodon in Brunei Darussalam and also assists with management of iAqua’s L. vannamei breeding program in Kauai, Hawaii.

In 2003, he joined Chamberlain and Morrison at Black Tiger Aquaculture as director of hatchery operations, where he managed primary and secondary quarantine facilities, broodstock ponds and a production hatchery for P. monodon.

Howell began his aquaculture career in 1973 at Marifarms, Inc., a pioneering shrimp farm in Panama City, Florida, USA. During the 1980's, he started and managed shrimp hatcheries in the United States and Ecuador.

From 1990 to 1994, he served as a larviculture and maturation consultant for L. vannamei hatcheries in Colombia and Venezuela. Through 2003, he served as laboratory technical director of Aquamarina de la Costa and technical director of the Siembrasmarinas shrimp farm in Venezuela.

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