Dr. Donald Lightner

Dr. Donald Lightner

Co-Owner, Technical Adviser

Dr. Donald Lighter, a professor in the Department of Veterinary Science and Microbiology at the University of Arizona, is a pre-eminent shrimp pathologist whose Aquatic Pathology Laboratory is renowned as the international gold standard facility for shrimp diagnostic research.

His principal areas of expertise are the diseases and pathology of cultured crustaceana and finfish, marine and freshwater aquaculture, virology, histology, electron microscopy, diagnostic method development, aquatic animal nutrition , and aquatic toxicology.  

Lightner’s work within the U.S. Marine Shrimp Farming Consortium developed the original stocks of SPF L. vannamei that became the dominant stocks reared throughout the shrimp- farming world. He was also the first to detect and develop definitive tests for numerous shrimp viral diseases.

Lightner is a member of OIE, an international body that develops policies for the control of diseases. He received a Ph.D. in fisheries biology/pathology from the University of Colorado. 

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