James Sweeney

James Sweeney

General Manager, Kona Bay Marine Resources

James Sweeney manages Kona Bay Marine Resources, iAqua’s operation in Kauai, Hawaii, which includes a breeding program, hatchery, farm and processing plant for L. vannamei. In 1997, Sweeney was responsible for the original design and operation of the Kauai facilities as co-founder of Ceatech USA.

Sweeney began his career at Japan’s renowned Fujinaga Institute in 1979 and went on to help develop the first commercial marine shrimp farm in Hawaii. At Hawaii’s Oceanic Institute, he assisted in the development of the first SPF white shrimp population in the world and advanced protocols for all production phases of round pond intensive culture technology.

During his last five years at Oceanic Institute, Sweeney served as shrimp program manager and co-principal investigator. He also was a lead shrimp specialist in various international projects with L. vannamei and P. monodon.

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